About Us

Based out of Meridian, Mississippi, Swanky Traditions provides clothing and accessories to men and women of all ages. Our mission is to satisfy the need of a more personalized, upmarket clothing brand for our customers. Greg and Aaron collaborated on the idea of creating a clothing brand in early February of 2015 and quickly began to develop what is known as Swanky Traditions. Since swanky means 'stylishly luxurious and upmarket, as in dress or appearance; unexplainably spiffy; classy' and the two have deep appreciation for tradition, they chose Swanky Traditions to be the name of their company. Their

 goal is to develop a full-scale, dual-gender clothing brand and offer it in retail stores nationwide. Whether you are searching for a comfortable t-shirt and shorts, or an oxford shirt and tie, Swanky Traditions plans to fulfill your need. We operate under the triple bottom line framework, which means that we greatly value our people, our profit, and our planet.